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Oh my goodness, it's honestly the best massage I've had. I slept so well and felt so ready for the next day. You'll definitely see me soon and a few new faces too!

Massage Treatments


Massage is not just a luxury. It is a way to a healthier, happier life...


In a technological world where we are glued to our screens, it is important to protect our posture

Deep tissue massage works on muscular pain to relieve tight muscles and tension

60 minutes: £60

30 minutes: £40


Mums-to-be massage helping with aches, pains and relaxation after the first trimester

I use pregnancy pillows to help protect and cocoon mother and baby

60 minutes: £60

30 minutes: £40


Indian head massage is a highly relaxing treatment applying pressure points to the upper back, head, neck, scalp and hair


Helps to relieve headaches, sinus issues and general tension

30 minutes: £40


The perfect treatment before a holiday, wedding or special occasion


Gentle body exfoliation, removing with mitts, so no showering required and finishing with a nourishing oil massage

60 minutes: £75

Manual Lymphatic Drainage
Mediterranean Candle Ritual


Choose from one of the following combined treatments:

Massage and Foot Reflexology

A full body massage or an Indian Head massage and Foot Reflexology is a perfect combination, allowing you to fully relax and relieve muscle tension

Massage and Facial Reflexology

A full body massage or an Indian Head massage with Facial Reflexology immersing you in deep relaxation and gives your skin a radiant glow.

Foot Reflexology and Facial Reflexology

The ultimate holistic treatment working from top to toe using gentle pressures to encourage a healing experience

60 minutes: £60

90 minutes: £90

120 minutes: £120



Combined Treatments


What is Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)?

MLD is a very gentle, feather-like touch treatment using rhythmical movements

It can help with oedema including post-operative swelling (doctor's note required), lymphedema, fibromyalgia and a general sluggish lymphatic system

What are the benefits of an MLD treatment?

Encouraging the drainage of the lymph nodes and movement of lymph fluids around the body with the aid of a lymphatic body brush. This can reduce swelling and fluid retention

60 minutes: £70

A course of treatments is recommended for optimal results

MLD body and combined facial treatment


​Using a body and facial lymphatic brush to help sluggish skin, puffiness and a dull complexion. This can reduce the fluid build up in the body and face

60 minutes: £80

A course of treatments is recommended for optimal results

Manual Lymphatic Drainage


Choose from one of the following oil massage candles for your treatment:

Citrus - Uplifting

Lavender - Calming

Olive & Rosemary - Nourishing

The treatment begins with warm pindas gently placed on pressure points, starting at the shoulders and moving down the body

Warm oil from the candle is slowly poured onto the body to ease tension and relax the mind


60 minutes: £70


Massage and Facial Ritual

Mediterranean Candle Ritual massage combined with a Royal Elixir facial

60 minutes: £80

90 minutes: £110

120 minutes: £140

Mediterranean Candle Ritual
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