Highly recommended. Lou is amazing at what she does and puts you at ease from the first meeting. The space is lovely and relaxing and the treatment is tailored to your needs. I will definitely be back!

Lou is incredibly warm and welcoming and I felt instantly relaxed in her treatment room. I would go back every week just to lie in the reclining chair she uses for her reflexology treatment. My husband now sees her for massage and has equally lovely things to say about her



The answer is in your feet...

What is reflexology and how can it help you?

Reflexology is a relaxing, holistic treatment which can help with stress, hormonal imbalances (fertility, pregnancy and menopause), anxiety and insomnia. It is an ancient art brought into the here and now


The theory of reflexology is that the reflex points on the feet, face or hands correspond to every part of the body. Reflexology is a non-invasive treatment which is safe to use alongside standard healthcare

What to expect from a reflexology treatment with Lou

For each new client, we start with a chat and a lifestyle consultation about your current well being. All treatments are completely bespoke and this helps me tailor the treatment to fit every client's needs

I use a gentle pressure on the reflex points which optimises good health, allowing the body to heal naturally


How will I feel after a reflexology treatment?

It is a relaxing experience, so clients are likely to feel tired afterwards. I recommend planning a quiet evening and drinking plenty of water

1 Hour : £45


How can reflexology help with conception?

Pregnancy and maternity reflexology is beneficial to prepare the body so it is in tip-top condition to increase your chances of conceiving when you are trying for a baby


Reflexology can help with the struggle and stress that comes with having difficulties conceiving by helping you relax

Combining maternity reflexology and massage can aid the balance of hormones

How can reflexology support pregnancy?

Maternity reflexology can support you after the first trimester. Regular treatments can help alleviate the symptoms that come with pregnancy such as nausea, fatigue, constipation and back ache


Post-natal reflexology

Once your baby is born, you may experience 'baby blues'. Having a treatment is very nurturing and allows mummy to have a bit of 'me' time while your body is returning to normal

1 Hour : £45


Baby reflexology is a wonderful bonding session for you and your newborn, teaching you how to gently use reflexology on you baby's feet if they are suffering with colic, lack of sleep, teething and general relaxation from four weeks old

Baby Reflex is a specially adapted reflexology designed for baby feet using only fingertip and thumb pressures

I offer individual sessions or small groups of mummies wishing to learn a simple reflexology routine

1-2-1 sessions in your home (2 hours) : £60

Group mummy sessions: Price dependent on group size



What is menopausal reflexology and how can it help you?

Menopausal reflexology can be beneficial for the treatment of insomnia, hot sweats, anxiety and depression by reducing the impact of stress on the body

Having regular treatments can help with hormonal imbalances

How will I feel after a menopausal reflexology treatment?

After the treatment, clients will feel rested and re-energised as sleep disturbances can be minimised

1 Hour : £45



Imagine being able to know what is going on inside just by looking at someone...

What is facial reflexology and how can it help you?

Facial reflexology is similar to foot reflexology, gently working on the facial reflexes. This treatment is ideal for when stress upsets the natural balance

It is wonderfully relaxing and can help decrease tension in the facial muscles, stimulate circulation and sinus congestion


How will I feel after a facial reflexology treatment?

After having a facial reflexology, your skin will look more radiant and firm and your complexion will glow. Fine lines can be temporarily relaxed


It is a healing experience, so clients are likely to feel tired afterwards. I recommend drinking plenty of water and resist the urge to apply make-up, allowing the skin to breathe

1 Hour : £50

Visited Lou for the first time. Lovely treatment and I'm still feeling the benefits! If you have never had reflexology it’s a must, I will be back soon

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